Entrevista a Susanna Priest

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Susanna Priest is a visiting Scholar at the University of Washington (United States), from which she obtained her Ph.D. in 1989. Priest is the editor of Science Communication: Linking Theory and Practice and compiled the Encyclopedia of Science Communication, both published by Sage. Priest has developed academic programs in science communication at Texas A&M University and George Mason University. She has also taught at the University of South Carolina and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

She has also written books on communication issues surrounding emerging technologies such as A grain of truth: the media, the public, and biotechnology and Nanotechnology and the Public: Risk Perception and Risk Communication. Most recently she is working on a book about climate change communication. She has authored or co-authored about 60 articles and book chapters, most of them concerning science communication and related issues of audience. In recent work, Priest had been advocating for recognition of the concept of “critical science literacy” to complement the older “science literacy” concept. According to her, “critical science literacy” means the critical thinking skills required to understand the social and political character of science, to distinguish among forms of expertise, to recognize the nature of scientific consensus, and other crucial skills citizens and journalists needs to make sense out of messages and arguments about science. She believes that as the Information Age continues to unfold and old patterns of authority are shifting, these skills are more important than ever. In this interview, Susanna Priest talks to Luisa Massarani, invited editor of this issue.


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